How to Choose a Divorce Attorney

Find a Divorce Attorney or Lawyer. Picking your representative in a divorce is an important decision and can change the outcome of your divorce. Here are some simple steps to help you pick the right attorney or lawyer to handle your divorce proceedings.

  • First, gauge what type of divorce proceeding yours is heading towards. Will it be an amicable split? Or a fight? Will there be arguments and court time over assets, child custody or alimony? Generally, the more amicable your split, the cheaper it will be. Ask acquaintances that are divorced if they know of someone they would recommend.
  • Next, make some phone calls and set up appointments with several different divorce attorneys/lawyers. Most will give a free consultation. Bring in any and all information you have about your divorce, the marital assets and information about your children's ages and whether you want custody or not. Some attorneys specialize in child custody or alimony, if you are seeking those, you should ask. Write specific notes on each attorney and don't decide until you've met with them all.
  • Finally, find out what your spouse is planning to do. Will they be fighting to the bitter end with an attorney? Again, this depends on how amicable your divorce is, but the more you can agree upon before involving an attorney, the cheaper your divorce will be. If your divorce is highly amicable, mediation might be an excellent option.